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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Simple way to lose weight without dieting : 3 Tips

If you search a simple way to lose weight without dieting ,here are three nutritional tips .

Diets works but they only work usually for a set period of time, when you go on diet what tends to happen is that you know for example if you were to go on a liquid diet ,you will lose weight but what you're losing is not fat at all ,all you're losing is just water and muscle mass .

Will you be able to maintain a liquid diet for the rest of your life ? The answer is no and it's not good for you as well .

When we talk about healthy eating ,the first thing that comes to your mind is you is lean meats,to have lots of salads ,make sure your plate is full of green salads ,lean protein ...But what about eating right ?

Because eating right is the key to losing weight ,so three tips you want to follow in order to lose weight without dieting:

Tip 1 : Meal intervals  

The key to remember is that we want our blood sugar level to be stabilized ,when it's stabilized what happens is that our body were stuck in a breaking down fat and stop burning fats and we won't be craving sugary food at the same time.

Remember that the first meal which is breakfast should be consumed within the first hour of you waking up ,what happen next is that you should continue eating for every three to four hours ,you need to eat frequently ,every three to four hours you should have something to eat so that should be about five to six meals a day .

What you want to be doing is to eat small portions but frequently to stabilize your blood sugar level ,and the last meal of the day should be consumed one hour before bedtime just make sure it's one our before bedtime and that you're only eating protein and fat and no carbohydrate .

If you're hungry at meal time that means you've waited too long to eat ,and if you don't feel hungry at mealtime that means you've consumed too much in your previous meal .So you should always feel right to eat after three to four hours .

Tip 2 : Nutrient ratios per meal 

It means that in every meal you should be consuming your protein your carbs and your fat .

Protein equals your lean meat,fish,tofu , eggs ...

Carbohydrates equals not just rice,not just bread but also all your vegetables .There are diets out there saying that you should cut the carbs but "no" if you eat two little carbs what happens is that your body start storing fat and your body will stop burning fat and we don't want that ,but at the same time if you eat too much carbs your body would store too much fat and the same time and reduce her energy level .

So remember to eat the right nutrient ratios per meal which means that protein and carbs should be eaten at almost the same ratio whereas fat should always be at the lowest amount so let's put protein ,carbs and fat at 100% fat should only be consumed about 20% and that is literally a teaspoon of olive oil or you butter or peanut butter it's in minimum portion ,whereas protein and carb should be about 40 % each one ,or you can have more protein for a 5 percent and 35 % of carb .

By balancing out your nutrient ratio your body is getting the essential nutrient that your body needs and therefore you maximize fat burning .

Tip 3 : Calories per meal

If you're eating so frequently you should not be consume a lot of calories per meal .
For women ,they should consume about 250 to 350 calories,whereas for men they can consume about 400 to 450 calories per meal .

It also depends on your activity level,if you're a very active person whether being a male or female then abviously you need to consume more calories but if you're doing a lot of office work and you're not moving much at all try to stick to the guideline of 250 to 350 calories for women and 400 to 450 calories for men per meal.

That includes your protin,your carbs and your fats.Too many calories consumed increases fat storage and reduces your appetite on the next meal ,and too little calories consumed at a meal will drop your blood sugar level ,therefore you will start craving and you know sugary stuff and whenever you see something that it's sweet you eat it without even thinking .

How do we know we're consuming the right calories the key is to remember that you should satisfied after each meal ,so if you're feeling too full after a meal that's telling that you're eating too much ,if you're still feeling hungry after an hour that's telling that you're eating too little .