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Friday, May 11, 2018

Should you remove your baby's clothes when he has a fever ??

Mothers are often asking when their child has a fever ,should they take them their clothes off ,sponging them with cool water or giving them a tepid bath  ?

The answer is none of the above is recommended ,cooling your child from the outside will not lower their fever.

Fever occurs because our brain instructs our body to raise its internal core temperature as a natural defense mechanism against infection,in other words the high temperature comes from within and is unaffected by the temperature of our surroundings .

Taking off your child's clothes plugging them in tepid water or fanning them will not lower their fever but it will make them feel cold miserable .

If you don't believe it ,the next time you have a fever remove your clothes or have a lukewarm shower and you'll immediately understand how unpleasant it feels.

When your child has a fever, dress them enough clothing to stop them from shivering ,putting on an extra layer won't heighten or prolong the fever but it will make them feel more comfortable ,give them medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen which will work internally to lower their core body temperature and of course take your child to the doctor to diagnose the cause of the fever .