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Sunday, May 6, 2018


The first thing you need to know is that if your metabolism is slow ,there are certain snack food that they tell you that are good  they're actually bad.

So here's what you should snack on and what you should not snack on :


Peanut butter because peanut butter has a sugar of like one gram per serving size so that's pretty low ,but make sure when you buy peanut butter it does not have added sugar ,so you have to really read the label.

Hummus because it has a zero sugar gram .

Cheese it's a fermented food and that means that the bacteria that helps make the cheese in the fermented process eats up all the milk sugar so that should bring it down.

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Fruit even i do recommend fruit apples and berries ...but a lot of people that will slow down their weight loss,fruit does not cause weight gain but it can slow things down because it's a bit sweet ,so if you're trying to look to improve things just a little bit you may have to omit the fruit from your diet until you hit your ideal weight then add it back in.

Protein bars  because inevitably they have sugar ,if you go to the store and you see all those "natural bars " those meal replacement bars a lot of those have tremendous amounts of sugar so you want to avoid that .

Yogurt now again yogurt is a healthy thing of course the sweetness is really bad but even the plain  could have up to 20 grams of sugar per cup,it's still too much .

Now maybe there might be some type of yogurt in a form of kefir which is kefir it's a type of yogurt that i did see on the market in some of the stores that it has a lactose free so you might want to read the back the label and see if plain kefir would be an option .

Bloating if any things bloats you and that's includes all the good things to like vegetables,you're going to have to either cook the vegetables or omit those from the diet because the bloating will stop your weight loss .

So many people have a little too much of this like your diet is perfect but the snack foods are just bumping them on a fat burning just enough to stop the results .

By Dr.Eric Berg