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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Do Birth Control Pills Cause Breast Cancer ?

Do Birth Control Pills make you get  Breast Cancer ?

The answer is YES.
The studied comes just this last year published in the New England Journal of Medicine from Denmark, where over million women were followed for over ten years and they looked at all sorts of birth control pills like IUDs and such ,and what they found was that instead of getting 55 breast cancers per hundred thousand per year ,they got 68 that was increase of about 13 per hundred thousand per year .

That comes down to it sounds like a big number but it comes down to about a half percent more women over the course of a lifetime in fact maybe even smaller will get breast cancer.

Now that sounds horrible but you have to put that into context ,and the context is what it's avoiding also completely safe and  pregnancy isn't safe ,pregnancies are dangerous in fact it used to be the number one cause of death ,a lot of women died in childbirth .
Today may be in the range of advanced societies of only 12 to 20 women per hundred thousand and in third world countries may be as many as two hundred and forty.

So there's still a lot of women dying from pregnancy ,if you say 12 are dying per hundred thousand and 13 are getting breast cancer it comes out about even .So pregnancy is a bad diseases it's got its own inherent risks ,it also has its own inherent wonders .

The question is can you soften the risk ?

Here's some suggestions :

 The progestins that cause breast cancer ,there have been multiple studies that show that progesterone is actually real progesterone is a wonderful anti breast cancer drug and these studies have been published where women for example who had horrible PMS syndrome or women who've been steadily studied for infertility have shown that the lower your progesterone is your natural progesterone the less breast cancer you have later in life .

Si it's a good idea to consider having human progesterone as one consideration ,but breastfeeding? If you're a pregnant woman and you've consider breastfeeding please do not only does your kid get smarter but for every six months of breastfeeding your risk of breast cancer drops somewhere in the range of 15% so if you breastfeed for a year you've just reduced your risk of breast cancer 30% ,if you have two kids that's 60 % .

Also think of taking vitamin D that reduces breast cancer ,or vitamin K2 that works with vitamin D.Think of taking iodine a milligram a day if that works with breast cancer.

All of those things are risk reducing things and if you're taking the birth control pill, every five years take a six month break and use a different kind of birth control ,allow your body to get back in its normal rhythm and think about that .

Those are all options that work,in the meantime it's a risk benefit that only you can decide what works for you.

Think about breastfeeding,taking vitamins,think about how you can shorten your use of birth control pills and get down to maybe using surgical technique that when you've had enough children .

By Dr. John Whitcomb